Kate Simmons Upbringing
“Upbringing”, cardboard, glue and beeswax, DV, 2012

My work is inspired by nature and a rural upbringing. Elements of plant life, farm animals and tasks informed by homemaking often enter my art. Many of the subjects I depict stem from simple moments or situations I observe and want to preserve. I am drawn to process and how actions and materials add up. Process for me is a recording of my interaction with material and leaves its imprint on the forms I make. I work intuitively to build form hopeful that a residue from the process will be an evident formal characteristic of the finished piece. Methods of manipulating materials include, welding, sewing, casting and at times found object incorporation. I also make drawings. Making is a constant investigation for me. I am interested in lots of materials. The commonality amongst the parts is my thought. At times I draw or a stitch but for me the 2D piece is a recording or the 3D action used to make it.